Merging my layout with Debrecen – Nyíregyháza layout (only in TS12):

1. Load the default session, and save the layout and the default session under a different name.

2. Load the default session of the layout Debrecen-Nyíregyháza (called: Learning the line). Delete all the rolling stock and session rules. Rename the route and session layer, and delete the following baseboards:

Save it into a new route and session.

3. Load the layout Miskolc – Nyíregyháza (which was saved under a different name), and merge your customized Debrecen-Nyíregyháza layout.

4. In the popup window, step up 29 tiles, and step right while the baseboards of the two layout meet:

Merge the session layers. The default settings will remain on both layout parts (e.g. name of junctions, signals, etc.).

5. After merging the layouts, delete the portals, connect the missing track pieces and place the missing catenary.

Save your job. The result is a 160 km long layout from Miskolc to Debrecen. Enjoy!

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Hungary 2014.11.10.