This add-on represents you MAV line 80 Miskolc-Mezőzombor and MAV line 100C Mezőzombor-Nyíregyháza. Between Miskolc and Mezőzombor, it is a dual-track electrified mainline, between Mezőzombor and Nyíregyháza it is a single track electrified mainline.

Along the lines, you can find a lot of industrial and loading zone. In our nowadays, a number of industrial zone has finished its operation, no longer used, even there are some places where the rails are picked up. However, for a greater game experience, I have rebuilt these industrial zones too, and you can use all of these industrial tracks, all the possibilities, even you will have to fulfill a mission in the Borsodi Sörgyár, which is one of the biggest beer factory in Hungary.

The layout starts at Miskolc (at the southern side, entrance from Budapest) and includes all the facilities in Miskolc (fright yard, hump yard, etc.), and finishes in Nyíregyháza (at the eastern side, entrance from Debrecen). A huge variety of sessions were made to enjoy the game experience on the total length of 88 km, between Miskolc and Nyíregyháza.

The layout uses the fully prototypical PTS-Club’s Catenary System, which was born on this layout.

You can merge with the layout Debrecen-Nyíregyháza from HOTTrainz Team, which is built-in layout in TS12. The imitation of the railway lines and stations are correct, only a few small "tricks" should be applied to merge these layouts.

You can see all type of train on the line. You can drive InterCity train, passenger train, freight train. Station and line backup-services also are parts of the sessions.

The layout is available via download after the purchase. After the purchase, you will receive the download links (it may take 1-2 days).

The total playing time is about 78 hours 43 minutes.
The total distances traveled during the missions are cca. 2328 km.

The layout requires the base simulator software. The layout doesn’t contain the simulator program.
It should be:

  • TS2009 SP4 build 44653 or
  • TS12  SP1 hotfix 4 build 61388
  • T:ANE version is coming soon

The layout and the sessions were tested under these builds. Although it can work in different builds too, we cannot guarantee proper behavior of the sessions and you might encounter problems.

And what do you get even with the layout:

More than 250 modells, as ex:

- Complete bridge pack; 2 colours, trackside element:

- Trackside insulation, hectometer stone (random colours):

- Different products, wagons, traction machinery, with realistic and working couplers:

- Spline objects: rails, platforms, fences, also in scenery version:

- Scenery bridges:

- Beers and pallets in different versions:

- Concrete elements, also as products


And a lot of useful models. You can check the details of the sessions by clicking on the icon.

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Hungary 2014.10.26.